The wrong question to ask about AI

The explosion of generative AI (this week's ChatGPT was the latest phenomenon) is bringing an explosion of amused joy at what these tools can do and ... angst about whether they might replace people in some new area. Michaël Trazzi's widely copied fun meme is just one example of the later: There will certainly … Continue reading The wrong question to ask about AI

Why are you Making Games? (With AI?)

In the past few months we’ve been able to talk to more people about what we’re doing at Timewarp (Yay!). (Spoiler - we're working on the on our first game Mafia Pigs and looking for Alpha testers right here!) As we’ve explained what we're doing, the same (very natural!) question has come up many times. … Continue reading Why are you Making Games? (With AI?)

Favorite Books of 2021

The Pandemic has certainly helped on the reading front! In 2020 I felt like I read so much my brain could hardly hold an original thought, so in 2021 I toned it down and set an upper limit on books + most of those were fiction. The books read in 2021 books contained some gems … Continue reading Favorite Books of 2021

Automation Clickbait NYTimes: "The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite" I figure a month is a safe time to let go by before writing about a press hot-button topic from late January: Robots, Automation and the plots of the Elite. I say this in a tongue in cheek manner because while there are some real … Continue reading Automation Clickbait

2018 Books Part II: Society & Inequality

Wrecked housing tower

In Part I of the series on books from the 2018 reading pile, I focused on self-improvement. In this second segment, it's time to shift gears to the type of books I read most of in 2018: books on society, economics and in particularly inequality. This is a topic close to my heart and I'll … Continue reading 2018 Books Part II: Society & Inequality