The wrong question to ask about AI

The explosion of generative AI (this week’s ChatGPT was the latest phenomenon) is bringing an explosion of amused joy at what these tools can do and … angst about whether they might replace people in some new area. Michaël Trazzi‘s widely copied fun meme is just one example of the later:

There will certainly be a time when AI is able to do many of the things that human’s currently do for work. But when that will happen (or even if) is fundamentally the wrong question to ask. What is really much more important to ask is

What can I do WITH AI?

Human + AI will do so much before acts on it’s own that the former question is hardly relevant to today’s discourse. What’s more, what we do with AI and how we treat it will probably determine how AI treats us when it finally can do everything we can.

You might want to think hard about those Midjourney and ChatGPT prompts 🙂

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