The Genius of Masterclass

I don't normally feel moved to make product suggestions to people but ... reflecting on the year so far there is one that I've gotten so much out of, I just feel it's worth a suggestion. That product is Masterclass...(*) you may have seen it pop up in Facebook ads and clicked them away. So … Continue reading The Genius of Masterclass

Podcasts in the Shower

A human life, no matter how long, has a limited amount of brain cycles available. A limited number of thoughts that can be thought. A limited amount of time for processing information and coming to conclusions. In AI terms this is called Bounded Rationality: Bounded rationality is the idea that when individuals make decisions, their rationality is limited … Continue reading Podcasts in the Shower

Automation Clickbait NYTimes: "The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite" I figure a month is a safe time to let go by before writing about a press hot-button topic from late January: Robots, Automation and the plots of the Elite. I say this in a tongue in cheek manner because while there are some real … Continue reading Automation Clickbait

Clayton Christensen on Religion, Markets, and Investors

I'm a huge fan of Clayton Christensen. He has a clarity of thought and a way of story-telling which makes not only compelling listening but helps spark insight. Here is a great lesser known piece which caused me to think this past week: Christensen makes two provocative and interesting points: He argues that without … Continue reading Clayton Christensen on Religion, Markets, and Investors

Until Debt Tear Us Apart (or “How the Economy Works”)

Quite a few people may have seen this before, but I thought I'd highlight one of the best explainer videos on how the cycles of the economy work. The explainer video is by Ray Dalio who runs Bridgewater Associates, one of the most successful Hedge funds in recent years. Even though it takes a broad … Continue reading Until Debt Tear Us Apart (or “How the Economy Works”)

What I Learned in 2018: Books Part I (Self Improvement)

Books Image

For me, 2018 was definitely a learning year. I learned a lot from colleagues, friends and others both at Red Hat and in other contexts. There are lots of things to write about on that front, but it'll take time to distill out what turns out to be important. One thing that's easy to cover … Continue reading What I Learned in 2018: Books Part I (Self Improvement)