Secret Barcelona: Hike up to get the views

After a busy summer, I’m finally getting back to some running a today’s reminded me of one of the parts of Barcelona I love the most: the Carretera de les Aig├╝es which is a path that runs across the hills at the back of the city. There are a few different ways up but I ran up via Major de Sarria and Av. Valvidera which is the route I always took when I lived in Sarria.

You get fantastic views from the top and it’s a great break from the bustle of the city. As a bonus, you can get drinks on one of the terraces on Avenida Tibidabo.

If you’re running you can get there from pretty much anywhere in the city, just be prepared for steady and sometimes sharp climbs! I added photos of my run start and end points at Sagrada Familia and Hospital St. Pau.

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