Warum the Hell Nicht?

This was one of the great lines from Eddie Izzard‘s live show in Austin this weekend and it stuck with me. (Or “Warum the Fuck Nicht”.)

The show was a fantastic ramble through God, the Universe, Politics and everything and I’m sure there was some risk in some of the statements. The skirt and “Ikea” boobs also brought out some hecklers at some point. The hecklers were expertly put down.

That makes you wonder though if, for audiences sensitive to dings on religion, God, gun jokes it might make sense to ease off on these topics. That might mean an even bigger audience, or less risk of a heckler. On the other hand, humorous comments out loud done right also do promote some debate. Sometimes, the thing is “Warum the Hell Nicht?”

Plus it comes out pretty well in German!

Image from Nickjwebb at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

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