Advice for Life in a Tweetstorm: The Upside of Social Media

Naval Ravikant is one of the smartest thinkers there is on startups, angel investing and life in general. Quite a few people will likely have seen this tweetstorm from him last year. It keeps resurfacing on twitter because it's just so good. Take a look for some profound thoughts...: But also.... what's so amazing … Continue reading Advice for Life in a Tweetstorm: The Upside of Social Media

Podcasts in the Shower

A human life, no matter how long, has a limited amount of brain cycles available. A limited number of thoughts that can be thought. A limited amount of time for processing information and coming to conclusions. In AI terms this is called Bounded Rationality: Bounded rationality is the idea that when individuals make decisions, their rationality is limited … Continue reading Podcasts in the Shower

Freedom of Information

This week's post is inspired by a tweet from Matthew Ingram's and Jeff Borek's perfect reaction to it: What happens when all the trustful information is restricted? It was Jarrod Dicker's original tweet which lead to the twitter discussion on the topic: The tweets and the discussion are thought-provoking. On the one hand, … Continue reading Freedom of Information

Automation Clickbait NYTimes: "The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite" I figure a month is a safe time to let go by before writing about a press hot-button topic from late January: Robots, Automation and the plots of the Elite. I say this in a tongue in cheek manner because while there are some real … Continue reading Automation Clickbait