Happy New Year!

May 2020 be Healthy, Happy and Fantastic all around for you! Looking back at 2019 it's been a pretty transformational year for me: lots of small things from health to focus to the positive, and some negatives as well. Despite the challenges, I'm truly grateful for some of the great things that have happened and … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Do. Or don’t do. There is no try. Or is there?

As much as you can love quotes from fictional Jedi masters Yoda's famous quote is beloved in the startup world and something I've always taken to heart: "Do. Or don't Do. There is no Try" Master Yoda the The Empire Strikes Back. It speaks to the idea of being decisive and relentless: if you start … Continue reading Do. Or don’t do. There is no try. Or is there?

Go master quits because AI ‘cannot be defeated’

This is the BBC headline for the news that Lee Se-dol, the Go grandmaster who was the last person to defeat Google's Alpha Go is retiring from the professional Go Game. It's genuinely sad to see. On the one hand, it is very understandable that someone at the height of their craft finds it a … Continue reading Go master quits because AI ‘cannot be defeated’

The End of the Beginning of (Your) APIs

I don’t typically I’ve too many API talks anymore since my current role keeps me busy on a range of other topics and technologies. It’s still a subject close to my heart though, so after the organizers of APIDays Barcelona managed to twist my arm to speak it was nice to talk about APIs again! … Continue reading The End of the Beginning of (Your) APIs

The Genius of Masterclass

I don't normally feel moved to make product suggestions to people but ... reflecting on the year so far there is one that I've gotten so much out of, I just feel it's worth a suggestion. That product is Masterclass...(*) you may have seen it pop up in Facebook ads and clicked them away. So … Continue reading The Genius of Masterclass