Specific Issue Coalition Stitching

Noam Chomsky has always been controversial, but he also has a great way of teasing out arguments which are not at all obvious on the surface. For this weeks post, check out this segment from a few weeks ago. It might make you think about the political debate around abortion in a different light. Important as it is… it also plays a role in political party coalition stitching:

Chomsky’s basic point is that not only that both political parties have challenges really using core principles to appeal to a base, but specifically that on the Republican side, issues such as Gun rights and Abortion play a central role in building blocks of individual issue support.

How much of this is conscious effort, how much is accident is hard to say. What’s obvious though is it sadly deprives America of actual, sensible debates on such topics that are outside of some political high-stakes game.

Photo by DXL on Unsplash

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