Welcome to the Brexit Twilight Zone

Brexit day plus one and the UK can still enjoy Camembert and Olives. The Brexit counters all reached zero:

… but it hasn’t happened yet.

It’s like being in the twilight zone. (Really, really, really, like the Twilight Zone)

Or being in a low coverage network zone on Highway 280 in the Bay Area.

While it is a relief (from my point of view) that Brexit isn’t a reality yet, the cliff of doom has only moved 12 days into the future. Like a student handing homework in late, the UK is still trying to figure what its Master’s thesis is going to be about.

At the very least we should move the dates so that they are no longer “dramatic” Fridays (March 29th, April 12th) and move onto more mundane Tuesdays and Wednesdays (May 22nd would have achieved that at least.)

A least that would give us all an extra day of midweek drinking (for sorrow or joy depending on which side you are on…).

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