Blogging (Again)

It’s New Year resolution time so it feels cliche but still: it feels the like the right time to write a bit more frequently again.

I previously had an sporadic blogging career on the 3scale blog: lots of fun technical posts and tech predictions. Some of those predictions were even on the mark! A few personal posts also made it out via Medium: mostly on social topics I care deeply about.

I expect posts on this new blog will still only be occasional. After spending a lot of 2017 and 2018 reading though, I realized that a good way to get my thoughts in order was to write as well. Just for myself is good, but maybe some of the thoughts turn out to be helpful to others along the way.

To push me over the edge had a few experiences in 2018 that really opened my eyes to the fact that while it feels good to talk with like-minded people about how you wanted the world to be that helps no one. Without adding your voice to the debate on what’s right or, better yet, doing something you’re not moving the needle. The two most powerful events were:

  • The small social good workshop we ran in Albuquerque, NM in June 2018. More on that amazing event here. I’m also stealing my new blog title from there!
  • Visiting Mumbai (and particularly the slums of Dharavi) which changed a lot of my conceptions of what life under different circumstances really means.

I hope to write about some of these topics over the year, but will likely also cover random technology (AI, APIs, and other) topics, politics and themes on life in general.

I’ve been lucky to work with awesome people at 3scale, at Red Hat, and in many contexts. As a result, a lot of what comes out here are just reflected genius from them (thank you!). I’ll take credit for whatever turns out to be idiotic.

2018 was a big reading year for me, so that’s what I’ll write about first. At least I know I can get those posts out :-).

I’ll be writing on this blog and syndicating over to Medium (assuming everything works as advertised). I love Medium for the interface, audience, and clarity. I don’t love Medium for the fact that content is paid only past three articles per month. Though I respect that as a business decision, restricting information flow isn’t ideal.

I’m writing here just to scratch my own itch a little, so it’ll be random and undirected. If you’re looking for something that’s professional and purposeful on Civic and Social tech (you should be) you should head over to Civic Unrest just launched by Shelby Switzer.

Also published on Medium.

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